Finance and Planning


The Finance and Planning Committee advise the Syndicate on all matters relating to planning, development, finance, investments, and accounts of the University.


The Finance and Planning Committee consists of


a. The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Qamar-uz-Zaman Chairman

One member of the Syndicate to be appointed by the Syndicate: Dr Muhammad Azam Khan

c. Two members of the Academic Council to be appointed by the Academic Council Members
  i.   Dr. Fayyaz ul Hassan
     Dean FCFS
d. Two nominees of the Chancellor, one each from Agriculture Department and Finance Department, Punjab. Members
  i.   Deputy Secretary (Planning)
    Agriculture Department, Govt. of Punjab,Lahore
  ii.  Deputy Secretary (Higher Education-Expenditure Wing)
   Finance Department, Govt. of Punjab, Lahore
e. The Registrar Member
f. The Treasurer Member/Secretary